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30 September 2019
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[ Based on a True Story ]


 -Tareq Samin 

Alimuddin is 32. Medium height, light-slim body. Circular face. Sparkling line is beside the eyes. Always he is smiling. Alimuddin lives at Paikpara Tinshed Colony. He is a responsible family man. From morning 6 am to 10 pm at night he drives auto-rickshaw. Alimuddin tries hard. His wife Julekha is 26. She is short in height, bright complexion, physical structure is beautiful, face is something longish, straight nose, black thick hair. Julekha looks beautiful when she smiles. Eleven years have gone after their marriage. Julekha is very much irritated to bear the family. Her husband does not give her time. The personal time in conjugal relationship he spends in his work. She does not prefer to spend money. She also usually does not go to the outside or relative's home. Only during the time of two ‘Eid’ she used to go to the market. Affections and love are very distant things to them whether she would not be taking initiative. Her joy is her children and television.


Alimuddin comes back home at 1 pm. After bath he is taking lunch. Julekha cooks well deliciously. Julekha fans her husband with a handmade fan though there is electricity and the electric fan moves fast.

- Where is our son and daughter? Suddenly Alimuddin questions.

- They have gone to see the marriage ceremony at the neighboring home. Julekha spread the bed sheet with care.

Come take some rest—Julekha invites him in a low voice.

No, today I’ll go to repair the auto. If the day is wasted how I can income!

Julekha’s eyes are burst with tears. She blamed her luck. And gives mind to television. Alimuddin comes back 10 at night.

Hei listen—Alimuddin calls his wife.

Yes say!

I’ll bring Bahauddin in Dhaka.


To stay in Dhaka he would have to work.

We can’t stay well. We are somehow living in pain to take our children. Here how can he stay! Julekha replied in a very acute voice.

See you don’t prefer my relatives and brothers, I know that, Alimuddin angrily tells that to his wife.

Do as you wish—in a reply in an angry mood Julekha tells and then washing all the utensils she keeps those modestly.


After doing all the works, 11 at night Julekha put off the light. Her husband and two children are in deep sleep at that time.


Behauddin is 17 (seventeen). He is taller than his elder brother at this moment. His Face is circular. Nose is thin, big eyes. Still in his stature there is boyhood staying. He has come Dhaka capital city only for last two months. Still he can’t manage a job. Elder brother does not prefer his loitering outside. For that he has yet to make friends. Teaching the children of his elder brother and watching television—these are only his job.


There are many channels in television. His sister-in-law is the very fan of Indian Bengali serials. Love between brother-in-law and sister-in-law if shown in the television through the complexity then Bahauddin feels something awkward. He is the fan of Hindi cinema and dance-music. The nude physique of the heroines enlightens his heart.

Six months later what happens.—

One-day Alimuddin drives the auto. Mr. Sadek, his neighbor, in this short span of time dials 4 times. Alimuddin compels to speak in mobile. Suddenly he stops the auto severely. He started to cry terribly. And he drives the auto like a madman. And making himself to realize that what he heard that is a lie. All is remaining well.


To see the two dead bodies of his children he breaks down and hitting his chest. His two children are more favorable to him rather than he himself. Endless vacuum. Unending bereavement. He screams in an heart-breaking cry. Alimuddin time and again loses his sense.


Sometime later, in television chaneels; Alimuddin’s entire family is shown, the two lifeless bodies of the two children, his wife Julekha and brother Bahauddin are taken by the Police to the Police station and Alimuddin cries and cries by hitting his heart.

The children have seen the objectionable intimacy between the uncle and mother. Ruthlessly—the eight year old boy and the six year old girl were putting to death suffocationly choked to their throat—this was the breaking news.


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