Poems from Turkey by Yesim Agaoglu

06 September 2019
Author :  

Yesim Agaoglu. Born in Istanbul. Studied Istanbul University, Department of Archaeology and Art History. Master of arts degree at the same university, Faculty of Communications, Department of Radio-TV-Cinema.

Poems have been published in literary journals since the age of 18. Has seven poetry books published in Turkey and also two poetry books published in Azerbaijan and in 2016 and 2017  two poetry books has published in New York,USA. Poems translated into many different languages such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Biographies are in some literature and art encyclopedias and poems in anthologies. Some of her essays are in collective books. Participated in numerous national and international literature and poetry festivals. Also, in 1998 she has been in Bangladesh, Dhaka, ‘‘Dar-ül İhsan English University 1 st  World Poetry Celebration Day’’ as a honor guest of Bangladesh PEN.

Her poems published in “Akzente  Literature Magazine” eleven pages in 2014 August issue in Munich. She has been nominated for Coburger Rückert-Preis 2016 in Germany.

She has a short theater play named “forbidden chirpings” staged at Hazar University, Baku,Azerbaijan.

Also has been continuing contemporary art activities combining different disciplines (especially poetry and language) since 1996. Participated in many solo and group exhibitions and biennials in countries like Germany, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Korea, etc.


My eyes


he is afraid of my eyes, my eyes

of the distant ship that floats in their depths

he is as ugly as can be

my lovely beautity

he is without arms and legs,incomplete

ı'll make him whole

theres no end to thinking thoughts he says

no end to kissings and salutings and missings

and that's as it should be

but what about lovings?

he is caught in a trap he says

he'll escape and come

stepping one by one on colored heads 

trampling on them.

making contradictions gush out of their brain

he cant keep his eyes open,

so disgraced and furious he is

beer and gin and tonic

phones gross with vomit

distortions lived out at random hours

noises are getting louder within the house

ı wonder if the world got cracked up somewhere

ghosts are crowding in all around

my eyes

my eyes are galleons tossed by the storm.



Age of metallic loves


ı know you miss me, so

ıll send you the second me soon.

ıll be all dressed up in iron armour

ıll record my voice on cds

the voice proclaiming my love for you

my image on harddiscs

so lovely and posed just as you like it

were in the age of metallic loves

wake up already were after indestructibleness

we will bend deaths wrist yet

push the keys of your computer

and youll get my meaning

ıve shut us up tight inside it

our dnas and rnas belong to it now

ask and youll get all the answers about us

have you been missing my smell

soon it too will come to you

ıtll wing its way to you over the distances

flowers did you say,

ıll be sending you bouqets of roses

heavenly smelling roses of iron

dont say you dont want them we are

ın the age of metallic loves after all.


Sweettalking the fairy


o, fairy who makes that master write poems

my call is clear, no ceremony,

having sharpened your wings just drop in,

even if youre wet from the rains

your tea is made, coffee if you wish

and if youre cold, your wings frozen from the snow

my wine is warm, so is my home

we could even make it springtime

my window is open

my room fragrant with roses

or come in summertime if you wish

let it be scorching hot

lets share an ice cold water melon

spread your hair across my room

o, fairy whomakes that master write poems

come with your sharpest wings

my secrets are sacred

ı wont tell anyone that youve been here.



Do not ask me anything


youve never seen thomas rays shop

never seen the figures he makes

all negro, all wood

dark things go on in that shop at night

as stark dark as a negro

dont ask cause ı dont know very much either

being a stranger in these parts.

you havent seen madame kayes shop either

a shop from the 193os

only womens intimate wear is sold there

satin, silk and lace underwear of all colors

at night weird men come and go there

what goes on ı dont know either

dont ask cause ım a stranger in these parts


ı can see your shadow stalking me

dressed in jealousy

sliding along  pitch-dark walls

reminding me that ım living wrong

fire at the tip of my tongue

my hair ablaze

explosions in my eyes

betrayal at the roots of my hair

please do not ask me anything,

 cause ım a stranger in these parts.


De ja vu


we never dwelled in the same cities

never got mired in the same smogs

he always had ports

and toy sailors of his own.

whereas what ı had were bridges

forever uncrossed

we never sailed our boats in the same poems

never frequented the same tales

our movies also were never the same

ın his, the star marlene dietrich mostly

even the bars we patronised were not alike

his being dark and reached down by stairs

whereas mine all lit up deliriously

most strange because according to him,

ıt felt as if wed known each other of old




Spring time in andalusia


they left their roses behind, when they went

their violets and their loquat plums

geraniums on balconies

and nightingales in cages

ever singing across the sea

to make their vocies heard

church bells instead of the ezan

echo within the mosques now

from the fountains water flows sadly

and the women are not there anymore

beautious women balancing water jugs on their heads

along the narrow streets are still heard

the sound of ceramic dishes and

wafting all around, the saffron mixed aromas

and the sadness they left behind.

dust and chaos everywhere

the age has surrendered long since

they got on their horses,

their strong arab steeds and took off

leaving mostly roses behind them

never  have ı seen such profusion of lovely roses anywhere. 

Literary Editor

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অনুবাদ এর ক্ষেত্রে মুল লেখকের নাম ও সংক্ষিপ্ত লেখক পরিচিতি দিতে হবে।

আরো দিতে পারেন

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বিষয় বস্তুর সাথে সামঞ্জস্যপূর্ণ অঙ্কন চিত্র বা ছবি। 

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