Three poems of Ranko Pavlović

31 August 2019
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Ranko Pavlović (1943) is a writer, poet, essayist, literary critic and playwright. He writes for children and adults. His poems and short stories were translated into Italian, Polish, Hungarian, English, Romanian, German, Dutch and other languages. He has published seventeen collections of poems (Bones and Shadows, Core, Hunting, The Powder of a Poet, Monk Sonnets, Between Two Blanks ...), sixteen collections of short stories, five novels, two collection of essays, a book of literary criticism and ten radio dramas for adults, eighteen collections of short stories for children, six collections of poems for the youngest, a novel for young people, a dozen texts for children's theaters and about twenty radio plays for children. He has won many awards. He received The Ivo Andric Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. He recently received The Gordana Todorovic Award for the best manuscript.

He lives and works in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.





Everything will finally come in its own place:

Nightingale on a poplar branch barely covered with leaves,

Bee on a first flower of primrose,

Sunbeam on a clear dew drop

Awake on a still not blooming bud.


Everything will finally be placed in its own place:

Smile on a freckled face of a sleeping child,

Maidenly wish in a smell of a bouncing apple,

Headless rhyme in harmonious verses

Of a poem that no beginning can be seen.


Everything will finally settle down in its own place,

Only my being will be far away,

Searching for a point where essence is shivering,

Only my thought will be on a path

Where feet do not touch the ground.


Translated by: Svetlana Pavlovic





We hunted grasshoppers and butterflies,

Just to have enough play in the meadow …


... then we hunted rabbits and roebucks,

Just to gorge ourselves and to survive,


Then we hunted foxes and wolves,

to stop them hunting our rabbits and roebucks,


then we hunted other hunters,

to stop them hunting our quarry…


... so we started to hunt ourselves,

for he who once starts hunting – never stops.


Translated by: Svetlana Pavlovic



The Spirit of Shakespeare Between Us


Who plays you any more today in the theatre,

my Shakespeare? They play with you, chop you,

have you naked, put a mobile phone

in Julia’s hands, Romeo is sent

on formula 1 racings. What can I tell you?

They feed their fate by damaging your

texts. It’s like they say, they're directors

of New Age, they don’t care, can do

with the old English what they want.

They can, whenever wish, set Hamlet

for the board president of the world's largest

corporations for the production of preservatives,

and the spirit of his father lay in a thermos bottle

and have the drink with cold coke,

at the tennis tournament, that’s now in fashion,

as in your time were knights tournaments.

Like the creators of the new world order,

who walk the world as if it was only theirs,

the same way new directors tailor your drama.

But, Shakespeare, grab your pen again

(when the spirit of Hamlet's father still walks

the world, you can also), so write

something new, let's say about global

warming up and humiliating relationship

according to the gay population, though

the texts will be looked at and thrown

under the table as far as possible from the scene

by the theatre directors, who will continue on their own.

But, don’t worry, your time is coming.


Literary Editor

লেখা পাঠাবার নিয়ম

মৌলিক লেখা হতে হবে।

নির্ভুল বানান ও ইউনিকোড বাংলায় টাইপকৃত হতে হবে।

অনুবাদ এর ক্ষেত্রে মুল লেখকের নাম ও সংক্ষিপ্ত লেখক পরিচিতি দিতে হবে।

আরো দিতে পারেন

লেখকের ছবি।

সংক্ষিপ্ত লেখক পরিচিতি।

বিষয় বস্তুর সাথে সামঞ্জস্যপূর্ণ অঙ্কন চিত্র বা ছবি। 

সম্পাদক | Editor

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