Poems by Mirela Necula

07 June 2019
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Mirela Necula, born at 10 may 1964, in a settlement from Romania. She graduated from Faculty of Accounting and Informatics Management, with higher degree in accounting-economist and she has been Chief Accountant at a multinational company for 11 years. She lives in Bucharest, Romania

In everyday life she is an economist, but life rewarded her with poetry, filled her heart, enormously loving it.


Let the whole universe know

Copyright © 2019 Mirela Necula


I miss it and I miss it again,

By you, you little traveler,


From our moment of green perfume,

Where we caress without caring,

I Proud of your grass dew,


You my angel in the cloak of the sale series.

I was buying you and selling you all over,


With tenderness to love you and now, and forever,

From the cold to the sunset and back,


In the spell of the suave red, torn in color,

In a gray spring with smooth water,


To flow divinely into my eyes, without guilt.

With the silence of the clear blue sea,


To wrap ourselves in the cold in our own genius,

With your absence and mine, we slave sublime,

Even if it's a curse, even if it's a poem,

let's love each other.

Neither the dead nor the live can shake,


The red flower on the mouth,

In a love like our holy, pure.


I built my temples in my soul,

Copyright © 2019 Mirela Necula


I built my temples in my soul,

What do you love under the moon to fill,

With a smile to heaven,

Where the story awaits the dream.


Today I will pour out my love's veil,

Through the gates, where destiny changes,

Like an earthling that broke from the sky blazing,


With the cry of happiness in his dream glass.


The time shoots made me a white wreath,

When the echo of desires promised vows,

If my embrace of love is ripe,


Why in the setting up and in her mystery just promises?


There's a love in the sage that lifts all the poets,

The dream of my reality, wandering through, all the troubles.


And god, how much they loved me,

Copyright © 2019 Mirela Necula


And I loved a wonderful world,

To the gate, to the house,

I put them on the forehead of the master land,

Flowers in the eye and charming laurel wreath.


And God, how much they loved me,


I just picked up the ,, scents Remembrance "

When I recumet myself, they sat me between the winners,

With all limits, in gilded flower belt.


And they made me chosen, with a carved face from the rock,

A pyramid corner proud of the high-full of lilies,


For all that is divine in their soul is laid,

Sun without tears, eternity in gates that do not moan.


A reward in love, in a secret dream, in a scarf,

In which the creator burns scents, in their lives as a carnation.



And yet there is love,

Copyright © 2019 Mirela Necula


And yet there is love on the brink of redemption,

On a flight from the mysteries of the wing, the one of happiness, 

Fallen from heaven on the weeping eyes in the lap of the frost,

Sound gathered through the clouds in the soul of the great.

She's reborn from division, fighting, shouting,

Melted in the hard eyes, sobbing in the desired purpose,

Paradise is not lost, it's an oasis in an eclipse, 

Built with mastery of everything the apocalypse meant.

This is the world we want, sung by the musician,

In heat under the right eye, to hear the piano song,

And the voice of the embrace that has strayed the universe,

As a beggar of everlasting love, as much as the verse bears.

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