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Three POEMS By Gorka Lasa

09 April 2019
Author :  

GORKA LASA (Panamá 1972)

Poet, writer and visual artist with over five published books – poetry, essays and short stories – among them, Aldebarán, The Edge of Eternity (Poetry 2016), The Equilibrium of the Hemispheres (Poetry 2013), The Clarity, Tales, Dreams and Memories of the Awakening (Narrative 2011) among others. His literary work has been included in many anthologies and collective poetry books of Latin America and Europe, published in specialized international magazines, internet pages, and translated to English, French, Portuguese, Rumanian and Russian. Mr. Lasa studied humanistic and behavioral sciences, with ongoing studies of literature, symbolism, mythology and philosophy. Also has been selected as jury in literary and poetry contests and received various awards and honorific mentions for his work. As a result of his distinctive and critically acclaimed poetry, he has been invited to present his work in many international literary forums, congresses and festivals. To learn more about Gorka Lasa and his work, please visit his personal page:






I’ve returned to the horizon,

the ancient silence,

the forgotten shores

the mortal sphere.


I’ve returned in the wind,

like a rebel sun,

burying in the sand

my sin of salt



Solar tear


What Ion has perished in solar tear of my sadness?

what happened to that ocher and scented fluid of God?

that sacred emptiness without form,

after burning in the eternal fire.


In intimate secret, the symbol is born,

dance of the attempt,

the wild flight,

the magic night,

seal of the equator.


Galactic balance of the hemispheres,

the lonely temple of the harmonics,

ancient sentinel of my eternal pain.


We raise our cry in the darkness of the stars,

we define with fire the stationary circles,

the secret keys that defeated time.


I think, I have been around this distant cluster, for eons.

after the ritual, the sorrow,

the wisdom broke my soul,

imploding in me, supernova.


Lucid vastness in which he drank,

far and pilgrim,

my indomitable spirit.


Only for love I’ve taken this route,

only out of compassion,

burns in me,

the sunset.



Cosmically exhausted


Exhausted of wandering the route of the cyclic night,

horizon which expands in endless swirls,

eternity which waits holding the supposed myself.


Impossible duality,

empty generator of fire storms,

solar wind which wears off the barriers of my soul.


Exhausted of the vision which slowly fades away,

dense fog of death over the shape and its sphere.


Tears of blood germinate eternal poems in my hands,

destined to get lost in the human abyss of indifference.


Deeply exhausted,

my thoughts draw the shape of the essence,

I walk lifelessly to the non-existent memory,

again, wandering on the axis of the nothing.


Recurrent, sullen, moody.

I won't come back in the old dormant way,

Cosmically exhausted.

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