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Two poems by Kairat Duissenov PARMAN

19 September 2018
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The Lost Belongings


I’m at home,

But my dreams are far away

No, no, I cannot reach the space yet

I’m eager to find keys of the world

If I find I shall never lose them.

I’m at home,

But my perception is traveling afar

I am looking for but it keeps me cheating

It is very fast and I am too slow

I am really engrossed,

Not knowing what to do.

I’m at home,

But my desire, in the sky

I have found where my belongings were lost,

Now I am at the door,

I have found keys of the world

The door will open, I hope

I shall get the lost belongings soon,

Peace and Love.


Rescue The World

Hey! Poets,

Listen to me,

The world needs burning poems,

To refine the hearts,

For mankind has begun loving

The words of poesy.

Hey! Poets,

Cheer up with inspiration

Let’s start journey on the path of peace

We have to melt ice the hearts,

With the warmth of burning hot poems.

Hey! Poets,

The world needs all of us,

Take pens by the Grace of God,

Rescue the world with bright poems

As bright as transparent dew drops.






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