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Kalanchoe Garambiensis Kudo

10 August 2018
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Prof. & Dr. Fang Yaw-chien (方耀乾, AKA, Png Iau-khian, born in 1958, Tainan, Taiwan) is a leading poet, writer, scholar, and editor in Taiwan. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Taiwanese literature, National Cheng-kung University. Currently he is Distinguished Professor & Chair of Department of Taiwanese Languages & Literature, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan. Fang Yaw-chien is also the Director of Research Center for Taiwanese Languages, and the Draftsman of “National Language Development Law”, General Counsel & International Director of the World Union of Poets, and the Honorary Advisor of Writers’ Capital International Foundation. He has been the presidents, publishers, editors-in-chief of several important associations and magazines. He has published 11 books of poetry, and more than 100 literary treatises & articles. His poetry, written in his mother-tongue Taiwanese, mainly reflects love among human beings and between husband & wife, Taiwanese spirit and history, and a perspective of universal and human existence as well. His poetry has been translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Mongolian, Bengali, etc., and has had read in International Poetry Recitals in several Countries around the world.




Kalanchoe Garambiensis Kudo

By Fang Yawchien (Taiwan)



From formlessness to

the beginning of a sky and a sea,

from nothingness to


I have stood guard over this expanse

of crystal sea and emerald forest

since time immemorial.


Light of midday sun pauses on the top of my head,

I sit on the cliff,

smiling a golden grin,

and setting the rules for this universe.


When moonlight lifts up my body,

I lean against the hills,

and help the skies carry the stars

with my green frame.


Chinese, Dutch and Spanish armadas

cut across the blue Bashi Channel

In the past 400 years.

Japanese and American bombings

destroy the wooded chest of Formosa.

And I’m the witness to all the abuse.


War and peace

staged in the same marquee tent.

And I persist in testifying to Cape Eluanbi’s


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