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Two poems of Antonino Caponnetto

07 August 2018
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Antonino Caponnetto was born in 1950 in the Sicilian city of Catania (Italy). Since 1981 he lives in Mantua. His most recent poetic collections are: “Agonies of the Light” (2015), “The Necessary Dream” (2017), “Before Anything Else” (2018). For Pellicano cultural association he directed the international series Poetry by the Planet, where he edited the first publication in Italian of the poems by the Romanian poetess Elena Liliana Popescu and by the Kosovar poet Fahredin Shehu, as well as he was the translator of an anthology of poems by the Colombian poet Fernando Rendón. He currently collaborate on the new series Unusual and Imaginary Unpublished of the Project October in Poetry.




First memory: the sky’s light blue.

Then many faces with a friendly look,

faces tanned by the sun, smile at the child.


Childhood and youth, eternal time

of my ancient land and of an enormous,

borderless at that time, summer.


In the orange grove, I touched lightly

the shimmering, green leaves.

I bear in me that locked away

summer in my life.


Other summers, other places and battles

to be aware of myself among others.

But my staying in the world

is in that eternal summer.


In the colors of the sea, deep chasm swallowing

as a ravenous ogre the bodies of the runaways,

in the colors of the sky lies that eternal


summer, only as the soul’s peace is

for those who die by water.

In the light that blinds

the pupil of the alive.





Rise, son, it’s daytime


See? The future is right here and now

You are alive, free

and you’ll die as the poet says

of life and not of time


so wear sturdy shoes

welcome in your bag

the little you will need

it’s time to leave


Let’s go, let’s go, son



(English Translations by Alessandra Bava)

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