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The Mystic Man

02 July 2018
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||  Bengt O Björklund  || 


The artist, journalist, photographer, writer, musician and editor Bengt O Björklund was born in Stockholm 1949. In 1968 he landed in jail in Istanbul for $ 20 worth of hash and met a bunch of international artists, poets and musicians. It was then he embarked on his artistic voyage as well as learning to cook, do yoga and generally get a life.The source of his inspiration in Turkey was his Japanese friend, the artist Koji Morrishita and the Italian artist, poet, and Dadaist Antonio Rasile.

The character Erich in the movie Midnight Express is based on Bengt. He has published 7 books of poetry, two are written in English. His third English poetry collection is due very soon in Colorado.

Bengt was recently awarded Sweden Beat Poet Laureate by the National Beat Poetry Foundation Inc. and will receive his honour in Connecticut on September 1.



The Mystic Man

- Bengt O Björklund


I am the mystic man

wrapped in bandages of old

risen by words that sky soar

always the one on top

daring the best of our time

to seal the pact of continuance


roamed I am wired and lost

bound by the chimneys of this world

streamed screamed and beamed

like a beacon in the early sky

shining profusely I am

where I will matter


last night I dreamed of you

moving towards your first birthday

I held you in my arms

and I whispered silly things

into your small ear

life is funny that way


April snow falls in my deep pocket

a soft breeze folds morning

into birds awaiting springtide

bulbs crouch in wind harsh

today will be the day

I leave a manuscript for you.



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