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Middle East

29 June 2018
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Hilal KARAHAN: Turkish poetess, writer, translator, mother and medical doctor (1977, Gaziantep/Turkey). She has been writing since 2000. She has 6 poem, 3 prose books and many selected poem books published in different languages. She has joined to many international collective books, bilingual poetry almanacs. Since she is intercontinental director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) organisation, she takes part in organisation comittee of many international poetry festivals. She is recently a member of Turkish PEN, Turkish Authors Association and Turkish Language Society. She is General Secretary of  Writers Capital Foundation (WCP) and Turkish Ambassodor of World Institute of Peace (WIP) which are linked to UNESCO. She organizes Feminİstanbul and Mediterranean Poetry Festival every year. She has many national and international poetry awards. Since 2017, she is a member of publishing council of international bilingual poetry magazines of  Absent,Rosetta Word Literatura and Sahitya Anand. 


Middle East

- Dr. Hilal KARAHAN




 It lulls the history on its feet since it gave birth to it,

 it combs louse from its hair with human ribs



Skirts of the cities are scattered by desert winds

over stone courtyards, mosques, ancient squares,

vaulted streets which always lead to one another

Smell of ground coffee, spice and gunpowder

roasts on same coals


: Sands cover the blood, but cannot wash…



Names of God written to the desert

are savagery, ignorance

Children are born and die

famine is their destiny, diarrhea is their fate


: Grudge does not make a wish…



In the desert night

cold, belief and family consensus

warm up backing in one another


: Even if they are killed,

Bedouin felt does not penetrate blood...



The women are bought and sold

in exchange for camel

They are circumcised from life


: Their faces are tattooed to men,

hearts are harvester…

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